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Commercial and corporate law

ATKP assists clients in the start up, consolidation and expansion phases of their business. As a result ATKP has gained thorough experience in advising corporations in all their business activities.

ATKP assists clients also by drafting documentation, facilitating negotiations or preparing legal opinions on:
  • Companies incorporation (limited liability and joint stock companies), as well as other entities
  • Registration of representative offices of foreign companies
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Drafting of corporate documents
  • Drafting of commercial agreements (sale of goods, services)
  • Insolvency and liquidation
  • Security agreements
  • Financial agreements

Labour law

ATKP often provides advice in drafting and negotiating labour agreements and compensation plans.  ATKP’s labour law specialists are often involved in due-diligences, corporate restructuring and liquidation.


Real Estate law

Real estate operations, from 1996 – 1997 have boomed and consequently have reshapd a significant part of Russian cities.  Legislation covers most areas of real estate, but at times  lacks coverage in certain circumstances   ATKP has assisted clients on real estate issues dating back from the beginning of its foundation and has been on some occasions one of the first Russian law firms to have put in to practice newly passed laws in order to develop its clients projects.

Administrative law

Administrative Russian law has expanded into many fields of commercial activity. ATKP assists its clients in its relations with regulatory and supervisory state authorities (Ministry of Internal Affairs, Prosecutor's Office, the Antimonopoly Service, Licensing organizations, etc.),. We protect the interests of clients in disputes and advise how best to work during administrative checks carried out by Russian authorities, as well as assist in appeals against decisions of administrative bodies before the higher administrative bodies or courts.


In order to avoid litigation ATKP assists its clients, by drafting and negotiating balanced and complete agreements. Nevertheless, when necessary and unavoidable, ATKP provides assistance to clients before Russian Courts (ordinary, commercial, and Cassation court).  ATKP has gained exceptional industry knowledge and provides leading edge advice to its clients on commercial, corporate, tax, and real estate issues before Russian courts.

Taxes and accounting

ATKP provides its clients with accounting services and assistance related to tax issues, especially in cross border operations.  ATKP assists clients on Russian direct taxation issues for both corporations and physical persons, as well as on VAT, custom duties, transfer pricing, assets taxation.

Finance e Soft Finance

ATKP provides consultancy on financing clients’ projects. Since 2011 ATKP has worked on scouting projects launched by Russian institutions and organizations, as well as international organizations, which co-finance business initiatives as well as construction or renovating infrastructures in the Russian Federation.


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